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Subaru Legacy Rally Car

There are currently 298.9 million cars on the road in Europe. That’s one car for every two people.

This dependency on automobiles often leads people to look for the best bargain they can get when purchasing a car.

Perhaps you’re a car enthusiast or simply the average Joe looking for a good deal on your next car. 

Whatever the case may be, fear not, for you have come to the right place. In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about buying an imported car.

Buying an Imported Car

For starters, it’s important to realize that not all imported cars are created equal. To be exact, imported cars fall into three main categories.

1. Personal Imports

This category of imported cars is often overlooked by prospective customers because of the headache it can involve. However, if [...]

nissan cube in a wild paint pattern, imported to UK from Japan.

Do you have fond memories of the days when you could walk onto the lot of a UK car dealership and then drive away in a new Nissan Cube? If you’ve been itching to get your hands on another Cube, Algy’s Autos is the right place for you.

First of all, we have great news – the Cube is still in production albeit only in Japan. However, Algy’s Autos imports the iconic Nissan Cube into the UK for smart car shoppers who fell in love with the little MPV and never forgot it.

But if you missed the Nissan Cube the first time around, you may wonder what’s so great about owning one. We’ll give you seven great reasons why you should own the unmistakably cool vehicle.


When the Cube was still sold in the United States, it was cited by the American Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as one of the safest cars on the market. It [...]

You only have to look at recent statistics to see how demand for Japanese cars in the UK has been rising. More than 350,000 vehicles made by Japanese manufacturers were registered in the first nine months of 2017 alone.

So what’s behind the runaway success? Fasten your seatbelt as we steer you through the reasons why we’re such Japanese aficionados when it comes to our cars.

Step Back in Time

History reveals some of the secrets behind the Japanese car industry phenomenon. Vehicle manufacturing in the land of the rising sun didn’t always have the enviable reputation it has now. 

After the Second World War, Japan’s economy was no match for its American counterpart. Toyota’s early days look pretty feeble. Only three thousand cars were made when Ford’s Detroit assembly line rolled off seven thousand vehicles a day. 

One of Toyota’s big difficulties was that it didn’t have enough cash. It needed more money to purchase all the stamping [...]

Cyprus Police traffic fines will increase by huge amount

The bill is expected to be submitted to the Cyprus House of Representatives before the end of the year. Under the regulations suggested, all offences related to serious infringements of the law are to be heavily penalised, with the aim of curbing road traffic incidents.

For speed, the fine of one euro per kilometer per hour and up to 2 penalty points is proposed to be increased to €5 per kilometer per hour and 4 penalty points. For offenders driving over 50% of the speed limit it is proposed to increase the fine to €5 per kilometer per hour as well as a penalty increase from 3 to 6. Offenders driving over 75% of the speed limit are currently being punished with an extra fine of €3 per kilometer per hour as well as 3-6 penalty points. It is proposed to increase the fine to to €5 per kilometer per hour as well as increase [...]

Imagine an awesome weekend of camping with friends and family.

You cook eggs in your cosy kitchen. You do the dishes in your small (but efficient) sink. And then you lay down on your comfortable couch and take a nap.

When you wake up, you step outside under an awning and sit in a chair while enjoying the scenery. Meanwhile, someone is still sleeping upstairs.

Oh, did we forget to mention something? It’s worth noting that all this can happen in your vehicle!

The Mazda Bongo allows for more than transportation and spacious driving.

It can also get converted into a campervan for all your immediate needs. Since 1966, the Bongo has impressed. Owners from Japan to the UK and beyond love its space, practicality, and safe driving.

So — new year, new Mazda Bongo for sale in your future? 

Keep reading to see why it’s a fan favourite!

Let’s Look at the Specs

First, let’s note [...]

The Land Rover Discovery is an iconic pure British thoroughbred, even the most popular colour is ‘British Green’, so how can it be the Japanese love these wonderful cars so much they importd them from the UK to Japan? Presige for one, the Japanese love most things British and Land Rover represents Britain through and through. The Land Rover Discovery started to find its way into Japan from the UK in the early 1990’s as the 300 series, it was mainly the TD County version with all the toys of course, leather interior, 7x seats, alloys, twin AC with climate, sunroofs etc etc. Other Land Rover including the Freelander and Range Rover also are seen regularly on the Japanese roads. But now here’s the strange thing – Algys Autos have been returning these Land Rovers from Japan to the UK roads for over 20 years! Where is the value in that [...]

New Proposed Cyprus Vehicle Road Taxes

Proposed to commence early 2019 in Cyprus
Cyprus Nicosia, Wednesday, December 5th 2018,

The Cabinet of Ministers approved amendments to the law on vehicles, which introduce a new road tax for cars and vans with a high level of carbon dioxide emissions. The new road tax system applies to vehicles belonging to categories M1 and N1, i.e. cars with up to eight passenger seats, including the driver, as well as trucks weighing up to 3.5 tons, which will be registered in the Republic of Cyprus after the law enters into force, in early 2019. On the other vehicles, these changes do not apply. The new bill will cancel many concessions, which facilitated the registration of imported used cars. According to the new rules, the older the car and the greater the power of its engine, the higher the tax on the road. Owners of “young” cars will pay less. The new road tax will take into account combined-cycle CO2 emissions — euro [...]

Drive on the Cutting Edge: 2018’s Hottest Japanese Cars and Japanese Car Brands

The Cutting Edge: 2018's Hottest Japanese Cars and Japanese Car Brands
Japanese Car brands for the UK market
The popularity of Japanese cars is undeniable, but which ones are the top of the top? Here are this year’s hottest Japanese cars and Japanese car brands.

Japan’s dominance in the auto industry is common knowledge, and the world’s most popular car, the Toyota Corolla, is Japanese.

Japanese car brands had a banner year in 2018. Cars from Nissan, Hyundai, Suzuki, and, of course, Toyota topped the list of best-selling cars in countries across Europe. These brands made strides not just in sales but in the evolution of the motor vehicle.

The Corolla’s 2020 model features a significant redesign, but what are the Japanese designs that stood out this year? What Japanese cars have been the hottest so far, both in terms of design and in terms of sales?

Keep reading for our rundown of just which Japanese cars we think deserve your attention the most from 2018.

Japanese Car Brands With Exceptional Popularity in [...]

Mini Vehicles or Kei cars from Japan

Kei Cars fo sale UK Rgistered direct from Japan to UK.

The ‘Mini’ Car or Kei car as it is correctly called in Japan category originated in the Post war era of the Second World War, when most of the Japanese public could not afford a full sized vehicle, yet many had enough money to purchase a motorbike. So to promote the growth of the car industry, the kei car category was introduced by the Government. The category was originally limited to a tiny 150 cc then in 1949, dimensions  Daihatsu Copen for sale UK Algys Autos UK and engine size limitations were slowly expanded to tempt more car manufacturers to produce the kei cars. In 1955 the engine size was increased to 360 cc as the upper limit, and so the Kei class began taking off, with cars from Suzuki and Subaru 360, saw the first [...]

Mazda Bongo Campervan, the end is nigh?

Mazda Bongo for sale UK Registered with or without Campervan conversion

Algys Autos Imported literally hundreds of Mazda Bongo from Japan to the UK during the late 1990’s and first decade of the 2000’s, dozens of the familiar Bongo were laying in await at the garage to be campervan converted. Mostly the elevating roof version was sought after and most were used as a faithful weekender having the ability to instantly convert from an 8 seaat MPV to a 4 berth campervan. Many even had a full campervan conversion with cooker, sink, fridge and storage. Some even ‘pushed the boat out’ and had ‘rock and roll’ beds, drop-down DVD players and tables installed. As we trned the year 2010 corner the elevating roof Mazda Bongo started to dry up and hnce the attention moved to the Bongo Tin-Top where there was an abundance of stock. We installed the elevating roof into a Tin-Top and th problem was solved. It was actually even bettr than solved as [...]

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