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The Land Rover Discovery is an iconic pure British thoroughbred, even the most popular colour is ‘British Green’, so how can it be the Japanese love these wonderful cars so much they importd them from the UK to Japan? Presige for one, the Japanese love most things British and Land Rover represents Britain through and through. The Land Rover Discovery started to find its way into Japan from the UK in the early 1990’s as the 300 series, it was mainly the TD County version with all the toys of course, leather interior, 7x seats, alloys, twin AC with climate, sunroofs etc etc. Other Land Rover including the Freelander and Range Rover also are seen regularly on the Japanese roads. But now here’s the strange thing – Algys Autos have been returning these Land Rovers from Japan to the UK roads for over 20 years! Where is the value in that [...]

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