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Drive on the Cutting Edge: 2018’s Hottest Japanese Cars and Japanese Car Brands

The Cutting Edge: 2018's Hottest Japanese Cars and Japanese Car Brands
Japanese Car brands for the UK market
The popularity of Japanese cars is undeniable, but which ones are the top of the top? Here are this year’s hottest Japanese cars and Japanese car brands.

Japan’s dominance in the auto industry is common knowledge, and the world’s most popular car, the Toyota Corolla, is Japanese.

Japanese car brands had a banner year in 2018. Cars from Nissan, Hyundai, Suzuki, and, of course, Toyota topped the list of best-selling cars in countries across Europe. These brands made strides not just in sales but in the evolution of the motor vehicle.

The Corolla’s 2020 model features a significant redesign, but what are the Japanese designs that stood out this year? What Japanese cars have been the hottest so far, both in terms of design and in terms of sales?

Keep reading for our rundown of just which Japanese cars we think deserve your attention the most from 2018.

Japanese Car Brands With Exceptional Popularity in [...]
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