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Meet the Fuel-Efficient, Five Star, Fantastic Toyota Prius Hybrid!

In 2017, Toyota sold 1.52 million electrified vehicles, which put them 3 years ahead in their target sales numbers. Needless to say, electric Toyota vehicles are a major hit.

Perhaps you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle, and you want to reduce your carbon footprint. For those who are looking for a new vehicle that’s fuel-efficient, look no farther than the Toyota Prius Hybrid! Read on to find out all about this fantastic car.

Great Fuel Economy

One of the most obvious benefits of the Toyota Prius Hybrid is its fantastic fuel economy. Considering it runs partially on electricity, this takes off a major dependency on petrol.

In the city, you’ll get 58 MPG and on the highway, you’ll get 53 MPG. Considering the average sedan gets around 30 MPG either in the city or on the highway, you’re getting almost double the MPG! This vehicle has the highest MPG rating of all vehicles the EPA’s examined.

This means you’ll not only save money on petrol, but you’ll also reduce your carbon footprint in the world. In fact, it’s rated as one of the cleanest vehicles based on its smog emissions. The 2018 Prius Eco is the second most efficient petrol car available.

Lots of Cargo Space

Another big concern when purchasing a vehicle is how much cargo space there is. This is especially true if you have a family and/or you’re in a profession where you need to lug around lots of stuff.

When you look at the Toyota Prius Hybrid from the outside, it appears to be just average when regarding cargo space. However, like the Tardis, it’s bigger on the inside! When you’re driving the vehicle regularly, you’ll get 457 litres of space.

Need more space? No problem. Put the backseats down and you’ll get 1,633 litres to work with.

In the car, there are also bins along the door that are well-designed. They fit ample amounts of rubbish but don’t impose on your passengers’ space.

Also, there’s a roomy glovebox and also a cubby under the front armrest, so if you need more storage space, there are these options as well.

Comfortable Seating

The Toyota Prius Hybrid seats 5 people; 2 in the front, 3 in the back. On some cars, the backseats feel claustrophobic, even when you only have 2 back there.

But this won’t happen with the Prius. All 3 people in the back will be able to sit comfortably, all without having to compete for space.

This means if you constantly drive your family and/or friends around, they won’t be cramped while in the car. They’ll feel comfortable no matter what height they are.

A Quiet Vehicle

Some vehicles can be loud and clunky; this is especially true of cars that rely solely on petrol or diesel. For short rides, it may be tolerable. But if you have a long commute or like to go on road trips, this can be distracting, especially if your family members want to sleep on the way.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid’s engine is so stealthy you’ll second guess yourself on whether or not you’ve started the engine. This is especially true if you have it in EV mode; it’ll be running completely off the battery, meaning your car will be whisper quiet.

The design of the vehicle also contributes to how quiet it is. Once you get on the highway, you’ll be surprised at how little wind noise you’ll hear, even when you hit high speeds.

A Smooth Drive

If a smooth drive is what you’re after, then you won’t be disappointed with the Toyota Prius Hybrid. In many cases, some cars are great on city roads, but then super bumpy on the highway, or vice versa. Or they either drive too stiffly or too bouncily.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid was build to handle all types of roads so you never feel like you’re out of control. No matter what surface you’re on or what speed you’re going, it’ll feel like your car is gliding along.

As far as the steering goes, it’s extremely responsive. You won’t have to struggle to get the car under control in bad weather conditions. Because of this, you’ll feel nice and safe whenever you’re on the road.

And if you ever get tired when driving long distance, the cruise control is very reliable. It’ll maintain your speed accurately, even if you’re going up or down hills.

Top Safety Features

You’ll be pleased to know that the Toyota Prius Hybrid received a 5-star rating for safety. And the best thing is, all the safety equipment in this vehicle comes standard, which means you won’t have to pay extra to keep you and your family safe on the road.

Safety features of this car include a forward-collision warning system (that automatically brakes), adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitor, lane keep assist, lane departure warning, and rear cross-traffic alert.

All of the above safety features come as a package called Toyota Safety Sense P. You can count on this suite to safeguard your precious family whenever you’re driving.

Purchase Yourself a Toyota Prius Hybrid

After reading this article, you might think the Toyota Prius Hybrid is the perfect car for you. After all, it’s by a highly reputable Japanese automobile brand, plus the car itself will save you tons of money on petrol.

So what are you waiting for? Make your next purchase a Toyota Prius Hybrid.

Want the best vehicles available? Then make sure you get your Toyota Prius Hybrid directly imported from Japan.

We can help! Take a look at our stock now. If you’re interested in any cars we have, then get in touch with us to request more information.

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