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Cyprus Police traffic fines will increase by huge amount

The bill is expected to be submitted to the Cyprus House of Representatives before the end of the year. Under the regulations suggested, all offences related to serious infringements of the law are to be heavily penalised, with the aim of curbing road traffic incidents.

For speed, the fine of one euro per kilometer per hour and up to 2 penalty points is proposed to be increased to €5 per kilometer per hour and 4 penalty points. For offenders driving over 50% of the speed limit it is proposed to increase the fine to €5 per kilometer per hour as well as a penalty increase from 3 to 6. Offenders driving over 75% of the speed limit are currently being punished with an extra fine of €3 per kilometer per hour as well as 3-6 penalty points. It is proposed to increase the fine to to €5 per kilometer per hour as well as increase [...]

Imagine an awesome weekend of camping with friends and family.

You cook eggs in your cosy kitchen. You do the dishes in your small (but efficient) sink. And then you lay down on your comfortable couch and take a nap.

When you wake up, you step outside under an awning and sit in a chair while enjoying the scenery. Meanwhile, someone is still sleeping upstairs.

Oh, did we forget to mention something? It’s worth noting that all this can happen in your vehicle!

The Mazda Bongo allows for more than transportation and spacious driving.

It can also get converted into a campervan for all your immediate needs. Since 1966, the Bongo has impressed. Owners from Japan to the UK and beyond love its space, practicality, and safe driving.

So — new year, new Mazda Bongo for sale in your future? 

Keep reading to see why it’s a fan favourite!

Let’s Look at the Specs

First, let’s note [...]

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