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Nissan Figaro Left Hand Drive

Nissan Figaro LHD for the USA and Canada

The Nissan Figaro has long been a very collectable retro classic and in the last few years Canada and of late, the USA, have joined the list of countries that can import the beautiful convertible classic. Manufactured in 1990 / 1991 it was producd just for 1 year and a limited production of 20,200 vehicles to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of Nissan. The car was only produced as a right hand drive auto, much to the displeasure of left hand drive countries throughout Europe and of course Canada and the USA. Algys Autos junior Company, Figs4u, are the premier Nissan Figaro supplier and have for some years converted and supplied a limited number of Left Hand Drive Nissan Figaro for sale to Europe and the USA. The work to do the job is huge and therefore costly, hence why no-one else attempts the job, it is also of course very skilled work. Figs4u are [...]

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