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Cyprus has one of the largest ratios of registered passenger cars per resident. Some 600 cars per 1000 residents according to the most recent figures. Although the country is small, it has virtually no working public transportation.

Auto ownership isn’t just a luxury on the island, it’s a necessity if you want to get anywhere. Buying the best Cyprus cars isn’t for the fainthearted, though. For example, try finding a Mitsubishi Delica for sale!

Car prices in Cyprus are much higher than typical U.K. prices. It isn’t unusual to find ordinary secondhand cars asking premium prices. On top of that, auto dealers cannot offer financing or incentives.

Read on to learn about alternatives.

Why Are the Best Cyprus Cars So Expensive?

If you are looking at new cars, you may be in for some sticker shock. One reason is that cars built for the right-side driving world cannot be imported to the island for long-term use. Since the market for left-side driving is limited [...]

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