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Toyota Alphard vs Vellfire: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re in the market for a new car, you might find yourself torn between Toyota’s Alphard and Vellfire. Both of these vehicles are Toyota’s most popular, but which one is the best? Keep reading for a full Toyota Alphard vs Vellfire comparison.

Toyota Alphard Introduction

First, let’s look at the Toyota Alphard, which is a full-size luxury MPV minivan. The name “Alphard” roots from a very bright star in the hydra constellation.

This car was first made in 2002 which a seven or eight seat capacity, and comes in the Alphard Hybrid, Alphard V and G.

This vehicle was first designed for the Japanese market. Today it’s available in Russia, Oman, Belarus, and other global markets.

The Alphard Hybrid is an Ultra-Low Emissions Vehicle (ULEV), of seventy-five percent. ANH10 was the first model of this car and it debuted in 2002. 2008 produced, the second generation of this car called the ANH20.

Then in 2015, the third generation of this car called the AGH30 made waves. This car has a sophisticated and elegant design. It measures at 1850mm in width, 1895mm in height, 3000mm of a wheelbase, and a front tread of 1575 mm.

Toyota Vellfire Introduction

The Vellfire debuted in May of 2008 so it is a little newer than the Alphard. Its second generation is comfortable, classier and has a more luxurious interior.

The Vellfire has a design that reeks individuality and strength. In Japan, this car is popular with Toyota’s youth-focused Netz dealership chain. 

Vellfire is ideal for drivers who want durability and strength. If you find yourself often driving on rugged terrain, this is the car for you as it can handle harsh roads.

Alphard Vs Vellfire

Now, let’s break down how these two cars compare when it comes to their selling points. These two cars, while similar looking, differ when it comes to their price, features, and off-roading ability. 

Pricing And Features

Let’s first break down how these vehicles compare when it comes to pricing and features. 

Chances are you’ll see Toyota Alphard listed on used car sites, for low prices that seem too good to be true. It should range between $950 to $3000, and it features make this car a competent MPV. This car is great in cities as its fuel efficiency ranges between 8.6 kmpl and 12.2 kpml on highways.

The Alphard has power window, steering. It also has air conditioners, rear A/C vents, and adjustable seats. This car also comes with onboard computers.

Safety of passengers is also a priority with this vehicle as seen through its features. Features like passenger and driver airbags, anti-lock breaks, and child safety locks.

This car comes with state of the art entertainment features. Features like touch screen Bluetooth connectivity, CD and DVD Players. There’s also a radio system, front and rear speakers, and an integrated 2DIN Audio system.

A used Vellfire would cost about $7000 on used car websites. This is because of the car’s complex features.

This vehicle has a Variable Speed CVT transmission. Many models have a Smart Access Card Entry which promotes the security of the car.

This car also has basic comfort features like power windows and steering. There’s also an onboard computer, air conditioner, and adjustable seats.

It also has safety features. Features like driver and passenger airbags, child safety locks and seat-belt warnings. There is also an immobilize and anti-theft alarm for added security.

Vellfire’s entertainment features are also like those of the Alphard. But still, this car is best for drivers who want a strong car and are willing to pay a higher price.  

Interior and Exterior Comparison

The Toyota Alphard’s interior has many attractive features. Features such as leather seats with high-quality trimmings. There are seven to eight passenger seats and a lot of space for the most comfort.

The interior is elegant. This car also has selectable colors for mood lighting and a sunroof for natural light. This car also has an interior panel with ceiling illumination and the seats are flexible.

The exterior of this car has LED front lamps, smart preset lock function. It also comes with power sliding doors and front and rear sensors. The exterior has LED headlights, rear combination lamps, and a front chrome grill.

The  Vellfire can also seat seven passengers. Toyota Vellfire has a more attractive interior and exterior. Which makes sense, since due to its higher cost, it has better and more improved features. 

Engine and Fuel Efficiency Comparison

The Toyota Alphard has 494cc of engine capacity. It has a torque of about 178hp, and gasoline and a fuel consumption rate of about 12l/100km.

The Toyota Vellfire, has an engine displacement of 2494cc, with a power of up to 178hp. It has a CVT transmission type and an EFI fuel supply system. It has a fuel economy of about 7 liters per kilometer and a gasoline fuel tank capacity of 75l.

In other words, the Toyota Alphard has a lower fuel consumption rate. So the Alphard makes sense for someone of middle income who is conscious of fuel consumption.

The Verdict 

While these cars are similar on many levels, the biggest difference is really the price. Alphards are much less expensive than Vellfires. Not only are Alphards less expensive than Vellfires, but they are also more fuel efficient. 

But if you have the extra money, and want to invest a stronger car, you’ll want to go for the Vellfire. These cars have more versatility and are ideal for the more adventurous driver. One of the biggest draws of Vellfires is how these cars can handle offroading much better than Alphard. 

Get Your Car Today 

Now that you know everything you need to know about Alphard vs Vellfire, get the car that’s right for you today. You’ll want to consider your lifestyle, where you drive, how you drive and most importantly what you can afford.

Don’t rush this decision. The car that’s right for your friend, might not be the right vehicle for you. For more information on cars and the Toyota Alphard and Vellfire, contact us today.

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  • peter webster| 8th November 2023 at 6:17 pm Reply

    where do i find specs….H. L. Width,wheelbase, weight etc

    • algysadm| 8th November 2023 at 8:54 pm Reply

      email us and we shall send what we have for your info
      advise us what you need to know

  • sofi| 1st February 2022 at 8:48 pm Reply

    A great choice 🙂 Toyota Flagship, a serius MPV, lovely car, stay safe.

  • john| 1st February 2022 at 10:00 am Reply

    very informative , Thanks again i have just purchased a vellfire and looking forward to getting a rear conversion and doing plenty of touring done with the good lady.

    Thanks again

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