Pink Nissan Figaro for sale UK registered at exceptional prices by Algys Autos Ltd, the Worlds largest Dealership.! Also available in the Pyke range is the cute Nissan Escargot (Nissan s cargo) and Nissan Pao. Algys Autos are THE Nissan Figaro Specialists and offer the Full Range of Colours for sale. We are THE specialists in our Famous Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro.

Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro for sale UK Registered
Pink Nissan Figaro UK registered in specially selected shade chosen by the customer


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We introduced the Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro into the UK in the late 1990's as a questionable alternative; since then they have become every girls 'Dream Machine'! Algys Autos have taken the Pink Nissan Figaro to a new level by FULLY colour co-ordinating the Figaro as it should be. We totally strip the car of all interior and exterior leaving a bare shell. The carpets are then re-dyed black, the leather taken apart, pipped in pink and then conalised. The headrest are even pink trimed! Speakers and dash also receive the pink treatment and lastly the centre of the steering wheel in painted pink. Going a step further, we now even supply a pink handbrake cover in handstitched leather! The car is then fully resprayed in a beautiful pastel pink of your choice, the engine bay and boot are painted black. A new roof, wheel trims painted, full service, original cd stereo fully reconditioned, retro fog-light, 12 months mot, 12 months road tax and a 6 month warranty complete the Pink Nissan Figaro. ONLY Algys Autos give a Nissan Figaro this much attention. Prices start from £8995 all inclusive of 12 months Mot, 12 months Tax and 6 months Warranty! If your want to be seen, you want to be seen looking good.....right? Don't comprimise get your Pink Nissan Figaro from THE specialists!

See the Nissan Figaro Video here (No tools or downloads necessary, run time 2 mins 06 secs)...Nissan Figaro Video here

Each Nissan Figaro is completely striped before preperation At Algys Autos each Nissan Figaro that is to be made Barbie Pink is FULLY refurbished and striped to the 'bone'. Whilst others copying our babes simply spray the outside pink .....WE do a total refurbishment and the car has all its exterior & interior trim and parts removed. Then the interior is colour coordinated with the exterior. When it comes to Pink Nissan Figaro you should come to the specialists! ===================================================================================================



   the interior is fully colour co-ordinated

   new roof is standard

2 slightly different shades of pink   

attention to detail is the hallmark of Algys Autos Ltd   

pink nissan figaro with an interior choice of the customer Standing in Limassol overlooking the city


All the seats on our Pink Nissan Figaro are removed and totally re-conalised and then re-trimed in colour coordinated pink. This is true attention to detail! Even the headrests are fully re-trimed in Pink piping and re-conalised. This process takes hours and is just one of the many factors that seperate Algys Autos Figaro from the rest!...If your going to do it.........Do it Right!

Our Pink Nissan Figaro Customers individually select their prefered shade and depth of pink to suit. We then colour co-ordinate the interior to match! The cars are Fully re-sprayed, all re-dyed carpets, re-conalised leather interior, new hoods, Original CD Stereos fully serviced and digitally enhanced with i-pod and blueetoth, fully serviced with 12 months Mot, 12 Months tax, 6 Months Warranty and No Faults. From 8995 all inc

pink nissan figaro at a recent show taking pride of place One of beautiful Pink Nissan Figaro in fully refurbished condition at a recent show. Totally immaculate.

All our Special Edition Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro have :

1. Full Respray
2. Brand new Hood
3. Brand new Black carpet (or colour of your choice)
4. Fully Re-Conalised Figaro leather Interior and piped in Barbie Pink.
5. Dash removed and sprayed Barbie Pink
6. Aircon re-gased
7. Wheel Covers re-sprayed
8. Full service inc cam belts and filters
9. 12 months mot
10.12 months tax
11. 6 months warranty (extendable to 36 months)
12. Fully serviced Nissan Figaro Original Retro CD player.
13. NO Faults




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Algys Autos supply superb quality Pink Nissan Figaro for sale UK Registered at exceptional prices! Also available in the Pyke range is the cute Nissan Escargot (Nissan s cargo) and Nissan Pao. Algys Autos are THE Nissan Figaro Specialists and offer the Full Range of Colours. We offer the best Barbie Pink Nissan Figaro for sale