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nissan pao for sale UK registered in blue with hard top
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Nissan Pao


The 3rd and final delightful 'Retro Car' of the Pyke Dynasty, the Nissan Pao. Manufactured from 1989 until 1991. A small retro station wagon. A small but roomy, 5 seater/ 2 doors coupe, 1000cc petrol engine, available in a rare manual 5 speeds transmission or more common 3 speed automatic It has all the modern features of Airconditioning, power steering, Nissan Pao retro radio cassette. Available for sale in Colours Green, Cream, Blue or Terracota. Truly a lovely car to drive and sure to turn heads wherever she goes! A genuine 4/5 seater with a small boot and loads of fun!

Algys Autos Nissan Pao for sale are supplied from 2500 via the Algys Autos Import Scheme

     nissan pao in a baby blue colour



Algys Autos Nissan Pao are supplied 12 months Mot, 6 Months Tax in excellent condition and all from just.........2500 on the Algys Auto Import Scheme

Low Mileage Nissan Pao for sale with full length Canvas sunroof. Via Import Scheme 2995.. Click here to see the Photos of a Green Nissan Pao

Take a close look at this retro radio cassette player that is standard fit in all Nissan Pao....

nissan pao original retro cassetts radio player

The Nissan Pao comes in four original colours; Olive Green, Blue, Ivory and the very rare Terracotta. Most cars are in auto transimission but there is also a manual drive option. Similarly there is an option of with or without the Canvas roof. All these factors couple with the rarity of the colour, mileage and condition will be major contributing factors in the value or price of the Nissan Pao. Via Algys Autos Import Scheme the cars can be on the road (OTR) UK for between 2500 and 4000, generally the cars OTR UK registered are about the 3000 / 3500 budget. Below are the four colour examples, olive green, Ivory, terracota and blue:

Nissan Pao in Olive Green a lovely rare ivory colour nissan pao in th erarest colour of all. Terracota the Nissan Pao in Baby Blue, a lovely soft colour

Nissan Pao Specifications

Nissan Pao General

Body type Hatch
Drive FF
Transmission 5 speed floor shift
Displacement, cc 987
Frame PK10GFW
Price of new car, thousands yen (Tokyo area) 1309 (~$10900)



Exterior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 3740 x 1570 x 1480
Interior dimensions (LxWxH), mm 1735 x 1265 x 1205
Wheel base, mm 2300
Treads (F/R), mm 1365 / 1655
Ground clearance, mm 165
Curb vehicle weight, kg 730
Gross vehicle weight, kg
Seating capacity, persons 5
Doors number 3
Min.turning radius, m 4.4
Fuel tank capacity, l 40


Displacement, cc 987
Engine model MA10S
Max.power (Net), kw(PS)/rpm 52 ps (38.25 kw) / 6000 rpm
Max.torque(Net), N*m(kg*m)/rpm 7.6 kg*m (74.53 N*m) / 3600 rpm
Power density 14.04
Engine type Water cooling serial 4 cylinder OHC
Engine information
Fuel system Carburetor
Turbocharger No
Fuel type Unleaded regular gasoline
LEV system (Low emission vehicle) No
Compression ratio 9.5
Bore, mm 68
Stroke, mm 68
Final gear ratio
Fuel consumption at 10-15 modes, l/100km 5.4
Fuel consumption at 60 km/h, l/100km


Power steering Yes
Tires size, front 155SR12
Tires size rear 155SR12
Braking system, front Disk
Braking system, rear Drum (leading/trailing)
Suspension system, front Independent suspension strut type
Suspension system, rear 4 link coil type

Algys Autos supply quality Nissan Pao for sale. Remember to see our 'Import Scheme' for even bigger savings! Your search for quality Nissan Pao for sale UK Registered and direct from Japan starts and ends Here! The best value Nissan Pao for sale in UK....FACT