Algys Autos Ltd are the No1 UK Japanese used car Importer and supply ANY Car direct from Japan or the UK to you fully registered either in the UK or Cyprus Fully UK or Cyprus registered at exceptional prices.

algys autos UK No1 japanese used car importer from Japan or the UK and Cyprus

Select & Import Your Own Car Direct from Japan to UK or from the UK to Cyprus Via Algys Autos Ltd

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Algys Autos import and supply quality used cars direct from Japan to UK or direct from the UK direct to you in Cyprus. We supply and register ANY car or vehicle including plant, machinery, or motorcycles at exceptional prices.


Contact Us by E-mail:

Offices in Japan, Cyprus and The UK,
For UK Sales Freephone: 0800 634 7576 or from outside the UK +44 (0)1803 391142.

For enquires about car import into Cyprus call: +357 25 335046

Import Your Own Select Car From Japan to the UK


After searching through UK garages, magazines and the internet when you don't see exactly what you want don't despair!.....

You will realise that to buy a quality, low mileage, top of the range car direct from Japan is the cheapest way of car purchase BUT I'm sure you have trawled the internet looking for that car with the special 'something' that you require but are confussed by all the currency conversions, shipping and legalities! I'm sure you are also concerned with purchasing from a Japanese Company that you don't know. The problem is, there are very few UK car import specialists and the ones that do exist in the UK charge a small fortune for the service of locating, purchasing, importing and delivering your selection! Most dont offer this facility and those that do, offer an incomplete service as they simply do not have the full infrastructure in place. NOT @ Algys Autos! Our nearest competitor is over DOUBLE our prices!! and simple don't have the full infrastructure nor experience. We have been the UK Major Importer and Supply from japan for over 17 years and have a wealth of experience. We have Offices/Garages in Japan and Cyprus as well as the UK. Others simply buy 'blind' from internet auction sites, are greedy and as they don't have the full infrastucture, so need to sub-contract a lot of the work out. We are recommended and used by over 350 Companies and Garages in Japan alone!

We will locate the exact car for you, send you photographs and specification then advise an 'On the Road UK price'. If this meets your approval we will buy the car for you then can arrange everything on your behalf. Export documentation, Shipping, UK clearances and Collection, Service, Minor Cosmetics, Mot, IVA testing, Port Clearance and paying all UK Vat and Duties! we then arrange UK Car registration and can even arrange delivery to your door! All done safely and at a price that is impossible to equal and in a manner that will only impress!

We will charge you EXACTLY to the penny the charges for ALL costs.........NOTHING added! We will only charge you a small commission fee for the entire proceedure. This is a unique service ONLY Algys Autos Ltd offers.

Interested? Then send us an email (link here or at top of this page), include your telephone number and a member of staff will contact you. Simple, no strings, no catches only pleasant surprises!!


Import Your Own car from UK or Japan to Cyprus

Algys Autos have Offices and a garage in Limassol, Cyprus so can offer our unique service for you to residents or frequent visitors to Cyprus. We can either:

  1. Search and supply your car choice from Japan and supply to you in Cyprus fully registered
  2. Search and supply your car choice from the UK and supply to you in Cyprus fully registered
  3. Collect your own personal car or one you have just purchased from anywhere in the UK and supply to you in Cyprus fully registered

We have English, Greek and russian speaking staff at our Cyprus Office so please don't hesitate to contact us for a no obligation discussion re your requirements. We have a Full Cyprus website which we hope will assist. See it here: Algys Autos Cyprus

To Re-Cap:

1. You pay the exact negotiated price for the car which you select prior to purchase.
2. Customs, port fees, shipping, duty, registration and road tax are at cost price.
3. Import Duty VAT is at a reduced costs.
4. You pay only a small commission fee of £350 (+ vat) for the whole process.
5. We do EVERTHING for you at cost charge.
6. It is impossible to import a car from Japan safer or cheaper....FACT.


Now click here to read about the 'Import Scheme' and how it saves you money. Click Here

Algys Autos supply quality used Japanese Cars direct from Japan to you UK registered and from Japan or the UK to you in Cyprus fully registered