Toyota Hilux Surf for sale UK Registered and imported direct from Japan by Algys Autos Toyota Hilux Surf at exceptional prices, also quality Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed, Isuzu Bighorn (Trooper) and Landrover Discovery. Remember to see our Import Scheme to save even more money. Algys Autos are THE best value for money Via our Import Scheme is THE cheapest and best value for money Hilux Surf purchases possible. FACT!

Toyota Hilux Surf SSR G Year 2007 for sale UK

Toyota Hilux Surf for sale supplied UK Registered

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Remember the price shown of these Toyota Hilux Surf is 'On the Road' with 12 months MOT and fully UK Registered, in excellent condition and at unbeatable value. This represents a massive saving on normal UK forecourt prices! To see full details of the scheme click the link 'Import Scheme' Algys Autos Ltd supply many traders, to avoid the 'middle-man' and save a fortune come direct to us!
No-One can compete with these prices AND all are supplied to you direct from Japan and UK registered! All the cars are imported direct from or Japan Garage and not purchased from very inferior UK 'Docks' auctions or from within the UK market-place, where standards are far below ours. Algys Autos Ltd supply the best value Toyota Hilux Surf for sale UK registered....FACT! Prices for Generation 3 start at below £4995 OTR UK..... if you can beat that you're in the wrong job!

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Market Update: The market for diesel Toyota Hilux Surf has moved dramatically in the last few months primarily due to Myanmar entering the Japanese market for the first time and paying huge prices for the vehicles; this has caused the UK prices to double and even treble! UK customers are therefore buying either The Hilux surf in Petrol, the Mitsubishi Pajero in Petrol or the Isuzu Bighorn (Trooper) in TDi. The prices for the Isuzu Bighorn are very good and the vehicle boasts a 3100cc TDi engine, 7 seats and the Lotus edition has leather, Lotus steering and running gear. see an example below:

isuzu bighorn lotus edition lotus Bighorn lotus edition rear view isuzu bighorn showing cockpit

leather interior of the special edition Lotus version The Isuzu Bighorn Lotus Edition SE with Leather and 7x Seats and a 3100cc TDi engine!

 Toyota Hilux Surf Generation 2 & 3

The Toyota Hilux Surf in the Petrol version has now become the most popular version to Import direct from Japan. Identical in all aspects to the sister diesel versions but with 2700cc, 3400cc or 4000cc petrol engines. Prices are very respectable and affordable making the prospect of LPG conversion a possibility. As always the Gen3 in SSRG is the more expensive but very nice quality SSRX limited editions with many optional extras make for equally sensible and attractive alternatives (see 2 below). Prices for nice condition petrol versions Hilux Surf Gen 3 start at about £6500 for a year 2000 as a guide price.

The very smart identical 3rd Generation Petrol Version A year 2000 3400cc Gen 2 petrol for £6500 A year 2000 in 2700cc petrol Gen3 Year 2000 2700cc Gen 2 Petrol for £6300

 toyota hilux surf in white for sale UK Registered Toyota Hilux Surf for sale UK Reg rear view year 2006 A year 2004 Gen 3 white Toyota Hilux Surf SSR G 3400cc Selling for about £10,000 OTR UK Registered Via Algys Autos.

 Algys Autos are importing the Generation 3 models in either 2700cc or 3400cc petrol. These models commenced in early 2003 and below are a couple of photos as examples of just what you may hope for! Imported and supplied  for you direct from Japan to your requirements and UK Registered for you all in the Import Scheme package.

Generation 4 edition with the 2700cc petrol engine, beautiful lines! the reart view of the Generation 4 interior cockpit area Generation 3 year 2004 Toyota Hilux Surf

 Toyota Hilux Surf Generation 4

 Toyota Hilux Surf Generation 4 from year 2005 Toyota Hilux Surf Gen 4 in whute SSR G The last of the Toyota Hilux Surf range from year 2005 to 2009 Generation 4. Prices are from £10,000 to £15,000 OTR UK reg, depending on the    year, spec, condition and mileage. Gen 4 are in 2700cc or 4000cc petrol engines, the 3400cc engine stopped on Gen 3.

the underside of a direct import..see something different to the UK versions? NO Rust! Can you see the difference from our Direct Import from Japan to the UK versions. See something missing? Look Closer..NO RUST!


A lovely bespoke painted year 2008 Hilux Surf 2700cc Gen 4 petrol seen at Japan Auction this week.

The latest edition Hilux Surf Diesel engines Surf with the KDN 3000cc Tdi engine! This is year March 2002, yours UK registered and drive away for £9395 via the Import Scheme:

Hilux surf with the KDN TDi Engine! the interior showing controls of the latest edition with TDi engine More photos upon request. Email and simply ask.- SOLD


TopGear tried to break one and failed! On BBC's TopGear show Toyota’s brilliant pick-up has featured several times in various guises, as the boys have tried and failed to destroy one. They tried fire, water, dropping things on it, blowing up a building on it and still it wouldn’t die. They drove one to the North Pole without too much trouble and even across the English Channel (thanks to an outboard motor or two)

Toyota Hilux Surf SSRG model, 3.0 Litre Diesel Turbo Intercooler, R Reg, New Shape, Top of Range G Spec, Fully Loaded with: Digital Auto Aircon & Compass, Wood Panel Dash, Electric Windows, Mirrors and Locking, Electric retractable reversing mirror set into rear spoiler, Sunroof, Roof-Rail, Alloys, CD Stereo System, Rear Mounted Spare Tyre, Door Visors, Airbags & ABS Brakes. Front Nudge-Bar and spot lights, 12 months Mot, 6 Months Tax, Totally Unmarked Metallic Emerald Green over Silver, Excellent Condition and all for just...

£6495 Via Import Scheme!

Toyota Hilux Surf SSR G Intercooler!! At unbeatable Prices!!!


SSRG, 3.0 Litre TD intercooler, T Reg, New Shape, Top of Range SSR-G Spec, Fully Loaded with: Digital Auto Aircon & Compass, Climate Control, Electric Windows, Mirrors and Locking, Electric retractable reversing mirror set into rear spoiler, Remote Central Locking, Stereo System, Front Halogens with Crystal Lights, Clear Tail Lights with Protectors, Rear Mounted Spare Tire, Sun-Roof, Door Visors, Privacy Glass, Twin Airbags & ABS Brakes. 12 months Mot, 6 Months Tax, Metallic Champagne, Excellent Condition and all for just
£SOLD.......under £7995 via Import Scheme

This beast is THE best you will get! SSR G Intercooler with full aero and Face-Lift Edition. July 1999........under £7995 ONLY possible at Algys Autos! No-one has Toyota Hilux Surf at these prices with this spec!

Example purchased via Import Scheme:

Toyota Hilux Surf Generation 3, P Reg, SSR G Manual Purchased via our Import Scheme. Mr C From Scotland, UK gave us his requirments and 'Hey Presto', his for a calculated under £4995 On The Road!
Impossible to beat anywhere! Email us if you want such a beauty for unbelievable prices! Unbeatable prices ONLY @ Algys Autos. No-one has better value for sale ....FACT!

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SSR G, 3.0 Litre Diesel Turbo, P Reg, ONLY 41,000 Miles!!, New Shape, Top of Range SSR G Spec, Fully Loaded all for just. .......£6595 Via the Import Scheme!!

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Remember all these Hilux Surf are SSR G Grade NOT inferior X or V Grade!!


Algys Autos unleash another Bad Beast onto the UK Roads! Cars of this quality and performance are only available at these prices here! Check this Demon out.........SSR G Intercooler, Silver, Full Recaro Interior, S Reg and low miles........

£7,400 OTR UK

toyota hilux surf ssr g intercooler with full Recaro interior,  rare and sought after

And of course............Its SOLD! .......Best to email now if you want to be wicked too


SSR G, 3.0 Litre Diesel Turbo Intercooler, R Reg, New Shape, Top of Range SSR G Spec, Fully Loaded .the list goes on and on £6495 Via the Import Scheme, the best value posible in the UK. Fact.


SSR G, 3.0 Litre Diesel Turbo Intercooler, S Reg, New Shape, Top of Range SSR G Spec, Fully Loaded all for just. £7,295 A Bargain that is ONLY @ Algys Autos Ltd. Import Scheme!

SSR G INTERCOOLER 'S' Reg for under £7295!

SSR G, 3.0 Litre Diesel Turbo Intercooler Version, P Reg, New Shape, Top of Range G Spec, Fully Loaded all for just. £4995....Algys Autos Import Scheme

SSR G, 3.0 Litre TD intercooler, S Reg, New Shape, Top of Range SSR G Spec, Fully Loaded...under £7595 via Import Scheme

SSR-G, 3.0 Litre, 1996 P Reg, New Shape, Top of Range G Spec, Fully Loaded all for just £5495 via Import Scheme!

Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-G 3.0 litre Intercooler Version, Generation 2, New Shape Top of Range, Fully Loaded and all for just £.....

toyota hilux surf intercooler 3.0litre turbo diesel SSR-G You get the idea ...Cheaper than ANYWHERE in the UK!...

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SSR G, 3.0 Litre Diesel Turbo, N Reg, New Shape, Top of Range G Spec, Fully Loaded all for just. .....£SOLD at under £4995 via Import Scheme!



Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed

Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed. Both the 2.5 and 2.8 Models. All Fully Loaded with Every Extra, 12 Months mot, 6 Months Tax and at unbeatable value, Immac condition

mitsubishi pajero exceed year 2001

Click Here to see Mitsubishi Pajero Excced...All models available from 1992 - 2002


Independant Review

The 3rd Generation Toyota Hilux Surf was introduced in late 1995 for the 1996 model year and ran until the end of the 2002 model year. Available only in the home market of Japan, other market variants whilst essentially the same, were marketed as 4Runners. Engine choices ranged from 2.7L 4-cylinder and 3.0L V-6 petrol’s to 3.0L 4-cylinder diesel models, with the diesels having the option of an intercooler.

This 3rd Generation model marked a large departure from its roots, for the first time it no longer shared its basic chassis design on the hilux pick-up range from which it had evolved and inherited its name. This time it borrows the chassis from the LWB Landcruiser Prado of similar vintage.Whilst visually quite similar to the model it replaced, the Surf does have a large number of differences, all body and interior panels are changed, with greater legroom front and rear and a larger cargo area.

The remainder of this review relates more specifically to the Hilux Surf 3.0TD AUTO SSR G specification

When I came to purchase my used 1996 Hilux Surf it was an easy decision, having some years prior owned a 2nd Generation Surf. Living with the Surf is very easy, with a level of ride comfort you will find hard to surpass in any other comparable off-road vehicle. Access is easy with side steps and internal grab handles should you require them.
Once seated, the controls fall easily to hand. Creature comforts are plenty with five electric windows (the window in the tailgate can be lowered too!), Climate control, separate rear heater, central locking, electric aerial etc.

The tailgate is fitted with a rather large spoiler, which may not be to everyone’s taste, but it does do a rather effective job of directing airflow down across the tailgate helping keep the rear window quite clear. It also has another trick up its sleeve, press a button on the centre console, and a portion of the spoiler extends downwards revealing a mirror to enable you to see your rear bumper when reversing. A useful feature slightly marred by the fitment of the spare wheel carrier, which partly blocks the view offered by this mirror. On the subject of the rear wheel carrier, not all models have them, in theory they are only fitted to the range topping SSR G model, this is the only model to receive the trick spoiler too, however it can be a little misleading quoting the specifications of these vehicles, as many have had optional features fitted from new, so its not unusual to see what should be a lower spec’ed model with all the extras normally associated with a higher model Surf.

The Hilux Surf models should go like this (ranging from base to top-spec),

On road performance from the Hilux Surf 3.0TD is excellent, with bags of torque, it never has any difficulty keeping up with whatever traffic situation it may find itself in. Fuel economy is excellent too, rarely varying much from 26mpg. Drive one of these on the road and if you are used to other off-roaders than you should be in for a pleasant surprise, the Surf exhibits very little of the body roll normally found in such vehicles. The road holding and handling are such that it’s in many ways more comparable to a normal estate car than other off-roaders. It will cruise happily all day at motorway speeds, with little wind or road noise, and makes any journey a relaxing affair. One criticism here is the seats, they are not as supportive as those fitted to some prior Surf models, look out for the very desirable Recaro seats option. In short it’s terrific on the road.

Yet this does not compromise its off-roading ability. 4wd may be selected on the move both on and off the road on these models. Unlike many of its competitors is has a proper centre diff, allowing permanent 4wd usage if desired. It naturally has a low range fitted and of course a lock for the centre diff. Even fitted with normal road tyres many would be surprised at the ease with which itthe Hilux Surf can tackle mud, gravel, sharp accents and descents. The ground clearance and approach angles are good, although the long overhang to the rear may compromise the departure angle if serious off-roading is called for.

Having now had this 4x4 for over 2 years, it has been a joy to own. It had required nothing other than routine servicing and performs all that I ask it to flawlessly. With just over 200,000Kms clocked up, it could easily pass as a much younger example with less than 60,000Kms.

A pleasure to own, it’s the second Hilux Surf I’ve had (3rd off-roader in total) and I don’t see myself exchanging it for some time to come, when I do it will probably be for another Surf.

Algys Autos supply quality Toyota Hilux Surf at exceptional prices. Also we supply quality Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed, Isuzu Bighorn (Trooper) and Landrover Discovery. Remember to see our Import Scheme to save even more money. Algys Autos are THE best value for money via Algys Autos Import Scheme is THE cheapest and best value for money Toyota Hilux Surf for sale UK registered possible...FACT