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Algys Autos Ltd Ireland Import Scheme


Used cars from Japan for Ireland Customers


Welcome to Algys Autos Ltd, one of the top UK Japanese Import Agents with garages in Japan, Cyprus and the UK. We are probably the only company with this full infrastructure in place and are recognised as the representative import agent by over 300 Japanese Used car Companies!. Our cars are all imported directly to you in Dublin via our Japan Garages and are individually hand-picked and inspected by our experienced Japan staff

Direct Imported to Dublin, Ireland from Japan: The cars are the very same cars we import from our Japan Garages to UK. The full details of the cars including photographs and auction sheets are unreservedly shown to you before payment. The cars are then sent direct from Japan to Dublin port and customs cleared prior to your collection. If we don't have the car you require in our Japan stock we will source it for you, it is as simple as that. The cost for this service? Answer: Cost price plus a commission charge of 500 Euros!!. This represents by far the best value for money to customers in Ireland. This method obviously avoids Dealers 'mark-up' profits and expenditure. There is quite simply NO way of purchasing such a top quality import at these prices! Click Here to send an email to us and include your telephone number with any questions or

The cars will be quoted by us to include Japan purchase price , all inland fees in Japan, freight to Ireland, Vat, Duty and clearances. VRT is not included as each car is different. Please either ask for this figure at the Ireland Revenue Office or simply click here: VRT Calculator


DISCLAIMER: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of information on this site, some errors may occur. It is important that you do not rely solely on this information but check with Algys Autos Ltd. about any terms you feel will affect your decision to purchase a car. No liability is acceptable for loss or damage resulting from errors or omission on this web site. We cannot be held responsible for estimates given which are incorrect due to import tax rate increases or fluctuations in currency exchange rates.